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What Does a Pregnancy Options Counselor Do?

A trained pregnancy options counselor can be an invaluable resource for a woman dealing with an unplanned pregnancy. In the midst of emotional turmoil, endless questions and a world of uncertainty, a pregnancy options counselor can become a woman’s most trusted ally and loyal advocate. These compassionate advisors are called to provide women answers and support at their most difficult hour.

So, what exactly can a pregnancy options counselor offer?

1. Care and Emotional Support

Pregnancy options counselors are amazing listeners and judgment-free supporters. They allow their clients to speak freely and share their true feelings. They encourage them to open up and empower them to take control. They provide a shoulder to cry on, a friend to laugh with and an experienced professional to answer questions. For many women, their pregnancy options counselor offers a level of emotional support they simply can’t rely on from family or friends.

2. Guidance and Information on Pregnancy Options

Pregnancy options counselors understand the opportunities, challenges, facts and fiction associated with abortion, adoption and raising a child. They leverage their knowledge and experience to provide unbiased information and guidance to help pregnant women choose their best path forward. From thoughts to consider when deciding whether to keep your baby to the ins and outs of the adoption process to why you may be more mom-ready than you think, a pregnancy options counselor offers a wealth of information.

3. Connections to Health and Financial Services

Pregnancy options counselors do more than just listen and talk. They help their clients find the health and financial services they need to support a healthy pregnancy and have a safe, secure environment in which to raise their babies if they so choose. Women who worry that they can’t financially afford to have a baby are often surprised to find how many community organizations and government programs are available to help make it possible. They just have to know where to look, and pregnancy options counselors have extensive networks to help their clients make the right connections.

If you’re weighing your pregnancy options, talking with a pregnancy options counselor can be a huge help. At Sira in Gainesville, our team of counselors are caring, compassionate professionals eager to help pregnant women get the guidance and support they need. And all of our services, including pregnancy counseling and community referrals, are completely free, with no insurance required.

Contact Sira today at 352-377-4947 to schedule your free appointment.



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