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Private and Professional Medical Services

Sira is a free women's health clinic serving Gainesville, Alachua and surrounding counties by providing holistic reproductive health, pregnancy, and STD services. We believe each individual has the right to get information from a resource that will not profit from their reproductive health choices.


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No pressure. No cost. Just care.

Informed and Empowered Choices Start Here
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I think I may be pregnant or I need to confirm my pregnancy and how far along I am.

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I want to learn more about the abortion pill or abortion clinic procedures.

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I am experiencing STD symptoms and want to get tested for gonorrhea and chlamydia.

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Your health

Take the time you need to get answers on pregnancy, abortion, sexual health, and more.

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Real Reviews From Strong Women Like You

"The staff were extremely friendly; they walked me through each step of the process, they explained everything, and were personable and supportive."

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Things to Ask Before an Abortion

Your Rights. Your Choices. Your Consent.

  • Is there anyone not eligible for the abortion pill?


  • How late can you take pills? How early?


  • Is an ultrasound needed if I had a home pregnancy test?


  • If I have an IUD, do I need to get it removed?


  • Should I get tested for an STD or STI first?

  • What do I do if it doesn't work? 

Questions? Book an appointment today.

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